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Good man   
11:44am 25/01/2012
  Last night as I was getting gas (for the first time in over a month) at the Shell on Peace Street, I was approached by yet another homeless/destitute man who took the time to chat me up ("don't I know you from somewhere?" .. "no, you definitely don't") and asked for some change.  I was feeling generous for once in my life and handed him a fiver, partly to get him to move along (being approached at an empty gas station at 11 PM does give one the creeps) and partly because I truly wanted to help him.  He shook my hand and said "you're a good man".

Maybe, but it all depends on how you define "good".  I'm good to my girlfriend.  I'm good to my family and friends.  I'm sort of good to the planet (at least I sometimes make the attempt to be).  I don't try to hurt people, nor step on others to get ahead in life.  I make an honest living doing honest work.  I have few wants, except for some challenge and variety in my daily life.

But my needs are completely met (and then some): I sleep in a (sometimes too) warm memory-foam bed in a beautiful condo, eat really delicious food, have a highly rewarding job, and live completely debt-free, with the freedom to do just about anything I want at any given moment (like.. traveling to Europe for two weeks).  Does living without struggle and rarely passing on my success to those who are down on their luck make someone a "good man"?  Does it even matter to anyone?

I suppose, at the very least, the guilt of living well helps me to not completely take it for granted.
07:42am 30/11/2009
  Earlier this morning, as I was sitting here in RDU Airport idly munching on my staple makeshift Starbucks breakfast of iced chai latte/blueberry scone, a slew of people gathered around the window to watch a rather resplendent three-pronged sunrise bursting out of the horizon.

It pleases me that, despite all the fanatical technology with which we adorn ourselves, people are still willing to appreciate the spectacle of nature.